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From humble beginnings, Revest360 came to be from learning about responsibility, self – reliance, saving, budgeting and protecting your assets. Further understanding financial concepts such as investing and the power of compound interest. This was the lifestyle that eventually led, CEO Michael H. Collins to end up at Georgia Tech, and then to a job in corporate America that has allowed him to now come full circle to Revest360 and the Circle of Prosperity.


To be the world’s leading digital library for religious scriptures, fostering universal access and understanding across diverse faith communities


We provide an eLibrary to meet the evolving needs of the different religions. Providing different scriptures that are accessible wherever you go.


Wisdom eBooks Club

Access our extensive wisdom eBook library and eStudy Bible software. Join us today and carry your faith in your pocket wherever you go.

Wisdom eStudy Bible

Access various tools and resources to enhance the study and understanding of the Bible.


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